Aaron Waponry is the main character of the series, with his sight as the first person teller of the story.

Power DataEdit

Aaron's power is by turning the energy around him into objects -- mostly weapons. He could even create new and fictional weapons as long as the way it worked could still fit the available technology. The air atoms that was pulled by the energy absorbance could also be broke down and the sub-atomic part was changed to make new elements.

His usual weapons are just weapons, but when he summon Aurensis, he had a Power Weapon. It could control electricity -- including lightning -- and fire.

Superhero StatisticsEdit

  • Hero name: The Arsenal
  • Real name: Aaron Waponry
  • Power: Turning energy into weapons
  • Weaponed: Yes
  • Weapon Power: Mostly none, but Aurensis can control electricity and fire.

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Aaron Waponry
  • Affiliation: The League
  • Birth date: 28 February 1996
  • Age in story: 14
  • Siblings in story: No

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