Frederick Boomer (formerly Fred) is a member of The League with the power of creating and manipulating fire. His personality is rather happy-go-lucky and later clicks with Lisa for they have the same character. He is displayed to have some romantic feelings toward Cynthia, and it's seen they were close to each other throughout the series.

Power DataEdit

Fred's ability is to create and manipulate fire. He can project fire out of his empty hands any size and heat he wants, and he could also pick an already existing fire and manipulate their movements or even simply vanish them. This skill is later useful on effect when Monica's fore dragon burns the headquarter down, Fred moves the fire away into open air, leaving no single spark behind, and vanish them, resulting the air to turn hot. However though, the HQ is already burnt down by the fire.

Later his power can detect people and animals from within one-mile distance by detecting the heat their body projects (a little weaker than Peter who can detect from far away and detects not only animals but also trees, machines, and dead bodies).

Superhero StatisticsEdit

  • Hero name: Blaster
  • Real name: Frederick Boomer
  • Power: Fire flame manipulation, heat detection
  • Weaponed: No
  • Weapon Power: None

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Frederick 'Fire-spitter' Boomer
  • Affiliation: The League
  • Birth date: 7 May 1996
  • Age in story: 14
  • Siblings in story: No

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