Patrick is one of the founder of the League. Also Aaron's best friend, they aided each other quite a lot during fights.

Power DataEdit

Patrick has the ability to fly. Unlike the Jumpers, he can float in the air without any interference and he did not have to boost up to stay on the air. This ability though, is weak in the extreme conditions like in the desert or in the snowstorm. Yet it's effective in the forest terrains in case any quick escape is needed.

Superhero StatisticsEdit

  • Hero name: Wings
  • Real name: Patrick Skychaser
  • Power: Flight
  • Weaponed: No
  • Weapon Power: None

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Patrick Skychaser
  • Affiliation: The League
  • Birth date: 6 June 1996
  • Age in story: 14
  • Siblings in story: No

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