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This wiki is about the series of story made by User:Sanguinoraptor about people that figures out they have superpowers. And their life isn't as easy as well.

Powered People?Edit

Powered People are people born with natural superpowers. There are many Powered People aorund the world, but most of them ended up traumatic. The Power


is given by a party, which the League -- a league of the Powered People with the swear to use the power for good deeds -- must discover.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Frederick Boomer
    created by Sanguinoraptor
    New page: Frederick Boomer (formerly Fred) is a member of The League with the power of creating and manipulating fire. His personality is rather happy-go-lucky...
  • edit The League
    edited by Sanguinoraptor diff
    Edited the section: Members

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