Theodore Locomoto (formerly Theo) was one of the First Five that joined the League. His sister was camping in Africa. Aaron said that he 'might come in handy. Just in case of anything'.

Power DataEdit

Theo's power is Telekinetic. Through his mind power, he can move any objects in sight. Later, after some more training, he can move objects off his sight area. Yet, this skills helps him a lot in fights in the warehouse. He summoned drills and hammers and some mroe tools -- in Aaron's sight, 'super-knicknack tools that moved themself under his command' -- attacking the robber.

Superhero StatisticsEdit

  • Hero name: Moveman
  • Real name: Theodore Locomoto
  • Power: Telekinetic
  • Weaponed: Yes
  • Weapon Power: None

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Theodore Locomoto
  • Affiliation: The League
  • Birth date: 23 November 1995
  • Age in story: 14
  • Siblings in story: Yes. (Theresa Locomoto)

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