Theresa is a girl working for a Charity Association. She was camping in Africa, mostly in the wild savannahs for she wants to take some pictures of the wild animals. She joined the League when Theo asked her through webcam.

Power DataEdit

Theresa had the power of Telekinetic, like her brother. Telekinetic is one of the Rare Powers, like the Arsenal, making the Locomoto siblings an exclusive pair on the work. However, she can't move object except it's within her sight, unlike Theo.

Superhero StatisticsEdit

  • Hero name: Movher
  • Real name: Theresa Locomoto
  • Power: Telekinetic
  • Weaponed: Yes
  • Weapon Power: None

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Theresa Locomoto
  • Affiliation: The League
  • Birth date: 14 July 1996
  • Age in story: 13-14
  • Siblings in story: Yes (Theodore Locomoto)

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